Chaise Longue and Benches provide a casual touch of comfort in both contract and residential environments

Barceloneta & Barceloniña by Serralunga

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Barceloneta by Serralunga: innovative, comfortable and for the first time, practical to use outdoors. Serralunga’s revisioin makes the chair easy to stack, thus, a great space-saver, especially for contract use by substituting the quilted leather with the practicality of plastic while still keeping the ‘capitonnè’ effect for the backrest.

The allure of this classic piece was made possible through the use of plastic materials in a sophisticated rotating molding system, a technique in which the Biella company is the worldwide leader as furniture manufacturer. The new Barceloneta by Serralunga is a remake designed to meet today’s needs for outdoor living, ideal for nautical and in public environments.

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