If we can improve the sound, then our life quality improves as well

Sound-absorbing acoustic fabrics Fiber by Caimi

The patented Snowsound-Fiber technology is based on soft interwoven polyester fibers which are inherently fire-resistant and allow to limit the growth of bacteria due to the silver ions incorporated in the molecule. The interaction between the special acoustic fibers and the design of the objects and the support systems helps reduce annoying acoustic reverberation in rooms, while improving quality both of life and of work.

Intensive research was conducted in order to develop the fibers of Snowsound-Fiber, taking into consideration not only technical and technological aspects, but also visual and tactile factors. Each material is characterized by a distinctive texture that is capable of transmitting different perceptions to the end user.

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Polyester with variable densities

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Polyester with variable densities
Polyester with variable densities