acrylic chairs

A collection of acrylic chairs, all different; each with its own personality; an eclectic collection, the one by La Mercanti and especially rich in proposals made by famous designers. Unique pieces, with an elegant and unexpected design, perfect to personalize homes as well as garden and public spaces.

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Polycarbonate armchair Pasha by Pedrali

Pasha restaurant armchair
Pasha design armchair by Pedrali is the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation. It is suitable for hotel, cafeteria and outdoor areas as well. In ac...

Polycarbonate chair Queen by Pedrali

Queen design chair Pedrali
Queen by Pedrali is fully made of polycarbonate, a strong material suitable for any habitat. The chair is inspired to traditional models but introduce a touch o...

Chiacchiera chair by Parri design

chiacchiera chair Parri
Chiacchiera dining chair by Parri Design: a concrete and captivating shape, versatile in its multiple possibilities of use. Stacking chair, conceived with ...

Modern chair Body to Body by Parri Design

body to body chair
Body to Body chairs collection by Parri, designer Marco Maran: he was born in Siena in 1963. His work with various companies has gained him considerable recogni...

Modern chair Cokka by Scab Design

Cokka Italian chair
Air moulded polycarbonate frame chair Cokka by Scab Design. Available in transparent,  translucent coloured and glossy coloured or in air moulded polypropy...

Polycarbonate chair Blitz by Pedrali

Blitz restaurant chair Pedrali
Polycarbonate chair Blitz by Pedrali, with a strong personal­ity in various colours and even transparent. The seat has a slight rough finish and can have a ...