If we can improve the sound, then our life quality improves as well

Perforated wooden panels for acoustic absorbing

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A sound absorbing mechanism is obtained using perforated wooden panels. La Mercanti sound-deadening panel or acoustic panelling behaves as a large sound “trap” which can offer high sound absorption values. La Mercanti sound-deadening panel is a sound absorbing panel manufactured in milled MDF with internal resonators that make use of the acoustic properties of the previously mentioned sound absorbing systems, thus combining optimum acoustic performance with agreeable aesthetics. This panel uses three sound absorbing systems: perforated sound absorbing panels, sound absorbing resonators and vibrating panels or membranes. The soundproofing lining systems lends itself to installation with any type of wall and false ceiling improving the acoustics inside closed rooms, where it eliminates echoes and absorbs excess noise.
Sound-deadening panels: the noise is not good to us. It is a polluting agent like many others. The sound instead is for us. If we can improve it, then our life quality improves as well. Sound absorbing La Mercanti perform this task: balancing and reducing sound waves in public and private spaces in order to produce a genuine and surrounding acoustic dimension. As perhaps we forgot. Modular panels and strips for cladding walls and ceilings provide advanced solutions for public halls, sports facilities, restaurants, hotels, work and domestic environments.
The acoustic paneling La Mercanti appears as a surface high slatted chromatic effect, pleasant to the touch, adaptable spaces according to the wishes and needs of the designer. Infinite are the possibilities of finishes: the reproduction of all the wood essences - the abbot beech, wenge from the walnut tree - with the effects of extreme elegance and refinement, like arabesques, floral, efflorescence decorative abstract geometric textures in every possible color rendering . The primary quality of the sound deadening panels - alleviating long reverberation of sound waves - is combined with a high value and then furnishing to create an environment where the welfare of living is complete. Can be created, using modules of different sizes, both surfaces with continuous structure that square-rectangular cross. In the first case the effect is essential and elegant horizontal lines which breed true to themselves. The latter builds the game decorative checkerboard alternating orthogonal intersection of the cutter.

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