Why should I buy from ItalianDesignChairs.com?

Why should I buy from ItalianDesignChairs.com?

7 Reasons for choosing ItalianDesignChairs.com:

  • you love made in Italy Design
  • you love exclusive Italian Brands
  • you prefer Italian Interior Designers
  • you want to choose among the last Italian furniture News
  • you want to buy directly from Italy, at affordable prices
  • you want Italian furniture for your interiors
  • you love the Beautiful

La Mercanti boasts…

  • 2.000 realized Projects
  • 102 italian Brands represented
  • … the most famous international Designers
  • … the professional service of a team of 9 specialist Managers
  • … more than 20 years Experience in the field

What you will miss when the project is over:

  • the aesthetic Taste of Emanuela
  • the Extra Discount of Mirco
  • the infinite Avalability of Antonio
  • the reassuring Voice of Silvia
  • the Serenity of Laura
  • the creative Punctuality of Raffaella
  • the sorted Chaos of Andrea B.
  • the Perfectionism of Marco
  • the Determination of Simona
  • the deafening Quiet of Andrea P.

ItalianDesignChairs offers a professional single source point of contact for our customers and works collaboratively to identify, implement and execute comprehensive Interior Design solutions, at affordable prices. Thanks to a direct relationship with designers and italian manufacturers we are the virtual boutique that proposes quality and design collections, which are difficult to find in traditional showrooms.

From 1997 an emotional and kaleidoscopic shopping experience, a destination and a reference point for made in Italy lovers all over the world. More than 2.000 realized projects, 102 italian brands represented: we can deserve your confidence.

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