Classic Italian sofas for elegant home or luxury common area

Italian sofas Loveluxe collection by Longhi

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Born from precious hand craftmanship, the collection Loveluxe represents that elegant and refined taste, where designersʼ creativity pairs with the naturalness of row materials used. Skilfully handworked with care for each detail, these materials turn themselves into an inimitable and unique object. The leather for upholstery is a highly natural product that, in order to keep its aspect unchanged throughout the different phases of manifacturing, has to come from the best hides. Our leathers come from the best european breedings where the strong attention to animalsʼ care is aimed to keep the leather intact, avoiding the defects that should force to rectify its grain, compromising its naturalness. These cares allow to obtain a product with high standard of quality. 

Once arrived in tannery, raw leathers are selected according to typology, size, quality and then passed to the real tanning made into big barrels. After that the leathers are trimmed in order to reach an uniform thickness, lubricate and then dyed.The finish of our leathers is always running throughout, that guarantees a higher resistance and naturalness compared to the sprinkled one. After drying, leathers are finished with pigments and additives that fix and protect them and then they go into big dry barrels where they turn for many hours recovering its natural smoothness. Only at this point and after a last attentive selection, leathers are ready to be used to upholster our items. Customize your sofa, choose your favourite colours, realize the best measure that fits to your furnishing, put on it your name, we will made it just for you in limited edition, one piece only: Yours.

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