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Saarinen Tulip original table by Knoll

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Tulip Saarinen

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Saarinen design original table by Knoll Studio: the idea of the Saarinen pedestal design had its beginning about 1953. Saarinen worked first with hundreds of drawings, which were followed by ¼ scale models. Since the compelling idea was to design chairs that looked good in a room, the model furniture was set up in a scaled model room the size of a doll house. Drawing on his early training as a sculptor, Saarinen refined his design through full scale models, endlessly modifying the shape with clay.

Saarinen was assisted by Don Petitt, of Knoll’s Design Development Group, who introduced several ingenious methods of model making. Together with a Knoll design research team, they worked out the problems arising in production.

Manufactured in Italy by Knoll Italia (Foligno).

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