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UV-C Blinds Self-disinfecting blind systems

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Useful for COVID-19 emergency: Antibacterial sanitizer.

UV-C Blinds by Tao Medical help to drastically reduce hospital infections caused by bacteria and acquired through contact. They save time and money spent on treatment (of patients and visitors) and days of absence and re-organised shifts when infection affects staff. That’s why they are the perfect solution for hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes and care homes.

Infections in hospital are on the increase. Curtains and privacy curtains are among the touch points at the highest risk in a hospital. They are very quickly infected: in one week 92% of curtains are contaminated with bacteria*, causing an increase in nosocomial infections and their costs in terms of treatment and deaths.

UV-C Blinds the curtain that protects from HAIs. A possible response at this time is an invention by Tao Medical: a system so easy to use that it does not involve long disinfection procedures or require new chapters to be added to elaborate protocols. A simple push button activates immediate disinfection every time it’s needed, promptly reducing costs correlated to hospital infections, cleaning and cleaning staff.

How UV-C Blinds work: the powered roller blind incorporating UV-C rays disinfects itself with just a click that activates a full cycle with UV-C rays on a wavelength of 254 nm. The process destroys the molecular links in the DNA of micro-organisms and makes them harmless. The fabrics used are fireproof, devoid of harmless substances and have a zipper to facilitate removing the cloth panel. As of today UV-C Blinds are the only definitive solution to the problem of disinfecting curtains that does not involve the times and costs generated by routine maintenance.

* Study conducted by the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Iowa City (USA), 2012

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